An Alternative Education

Gaelscoil Cois Feabhail offers parents on the east coast of Inishowen the opportunity to send their children to an all-Irish Primary school. Parents are beginning to realise the advantages of Gaelscolaíocht and they are deciding to choose education through Irish as an alternative for their children.

Gaelscoil Cois Feabhail Moville opened in 2000 with a handful of children. Since then the school has gone from strength to strength. “Gaelscolaíocht” offers an alternative to mainstream primary schooling, in which children are taught bilingually. Research in bilingual education shows that children who are taught in an “immersion system” (in a Gaelscoil), are more perceptive to the learning environment, with a “fine ear” to other languages, music and the arts, among other subjects.

Gaelscoil Cois Feabhail aims to provide for all of your child’s needs- academic spiritual and social.